Inspire Hope

July 13, 2016

Inspire Hope – Official Film Trailer

Bryon Evans Films & Think Kindness present “Inspire Hope” Official Film Trailer Inspire Hope on Amazon Now Available on Amazon Streaming! Click to view the full documentary: Inspire Hope on Amazon Please LEAVE A REVIEW for Inspire Hope & SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!   Inspire Hope Film Poster – Design by Chris Holloman Inspire Hope Directed & Edited by Bryon Evans Written & Produced by Bryon Evans & Brian Williams Cinematography by Bryon Evans, Matt Lee, Brian Williams Original Music Score by Zachary Teran A Story of Hope Inspire Hope is a documentary ... Read More »

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September 8, 2015

Documenting Hope in Kenya

Walking the road to Tumaini orphanage. Kenya was a country I never imagined myself visiting on a continent that seemed light years away. On my traveler “to do” list I had not paid much attention to the idea of traveling to Africa; it just seemed far to big and I knew far too little about it. However, often has been the case that working as a documentary filmmaker I do not get to pick my travels. They pick me. Having recently ... Read More »

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July 15, 2014

“Hey Tarantino!” A Tournant Pop-Up Restaurant

“Hey Tarantino!” A Tournant Pop-Up Restaurant from Bryon Evans on Vimeo. Coverage of the Tournant Tarantino themed pop-up restaurant at Sierra Gold Seafood. I’m a huge Tarantino fan so naturally I had a blast with this one. We reenacted more then a few scenes from Tarantino films. The evening dishes included Revenge, $5 dollar milkshake, a Royal with Cheese & more. Photography by Shannon Balazs ... Read More »

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May 22, 2013

Short Film: “Jinx” produced by Storm Front Productions & Bryon Evans Films

Here is a quick short film produced in collaboration with Jason Spencer and Storm Front Productions. “Jinx” was a fun experiment to challenge ourselves and bring a crew of new people together. Thanks to the whole crew for helping with this fun project. Written and Directed by Jason Spencer Director of Photography Bryan Evans Editing & Sound Design Bryon Evans Derek – Jef Derderian Bobby – Cole Johnson Man in Bar – Tim Turner Girl in Bar – Sarah Rodriguez Production Photographer Chris Holloman Script Supervisor – Sarah Rodriguez Makeup – Sarah Rodriguez Sound – ... Read More »

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August 15, 2011

Bryon Evans Films featured in Documentary “One Day on Earth”

Got word that footage I submitted to  be featured in the International Documentary “One Day on Earth” has been chosen  AND it made the first trailer! Right at :44 seconds you will see my bear catching a salmon shot! The One Day on Earth film project started on 10-10-10 where footage was shot in every country in  the world in an effort to document what life is like on Earth.  Very happy to be a part of this groundbreaking ... Read More »

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