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Bryon Evans Films & Think Kindness present “Inspire Hope” Official Film Trailer

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Inspire Hope Film Poster

Inspire Hope Film Poster – Design by Chris Holloman

Inspire Hope

Directed & Edited by Bryon Evans
Written & Produced by Bryon Evans & Brian Williams
Cinematography by Bryon Evans, Matt Lee, Brian Williams
Original Music Score by Zachary Teran

A Story of Hope

Inspire Hope is a documentary film about a shoe donation campaign created to help impoverished children around the world. The film centers around Brian, the founder of non-profit organization Think Kindness, a group of U.S. Students, and the orphans they travel to help in central Kenya.

During the groups stay at the orphanage they get to know the children and learn about their stories. They discover stories of abandonment, disease, physical and sexual violence, and complete loss of family. Despite the shocking worlds the children come from, their joy of life and outlook on happiness cause the group to challenge the way they see the world themselves.

As the group travels through Kenya they soon find out that small acts of kindness, such as a pair of shoes, have larger effects than they could have ever imagined.

Inspire Hope is a touching true story that inspires to show that a person can change the world no matter how small the act of kindness may be.

Documentary Film Making

(From Left) Cinematographers Bryon Evans and Brian Williams for Inspire Hope film.

(From Left) Cinematographers Bryon Evans and Brian Williams. Photo by Shannon Balazs.

The film is a collaboration with non-profit organization Think Kindness and Bryon Evans Films. Founder of Think Kindness, Brian Williams shot many of the stories and interviews over three years of visits to the orphanage. Bryon Evans was brought on to the project to take the stories already shot and capture additional cinematography to complete the film. Final cinematography took place over 13 days at the end of  July 2015 which included new interviews, more b-roll for the film and a few other key stories.

Bryon Evans Films also handled post production which began in October of 2015 and was completed two months later for a Dec 9th test screening. After a successful test screening with extremely positive feedback the final touches were put on the film and it was completed in early 2016.

An original film score was also created for the film during post production as well. Zack Teran, musician and composer, was brought onto the project to create the films musical score. 14 original tracks were written, performed and recorded by Zack. created. Zack’s music was able to take the film and elevate the emotional impact of the scenes with an absolute brilliant musical score.

Festivals & Screenings

Inspire Hope will be submitted to film festivals for the 2016/2017 festival season and will actively be seeking distribution. Additional fundraising screenings will be taking place with proceeds benefiting an education fund aimed at supporting the education of Kenyans. To learn more about future screenings visit the film’s official web site at


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