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Production design for short film and commercial productions

Shannon Balazs Production Designer

Shannon Balazs Production Designer, Photographer

Shannon Balazs has a real creative ability to tackle many different types of mediums. From stills photography to fine art, fabrication, hair, makeup and more, Shannon’s abilities have become invaluable in the craft of film making.

Shannon has a true understanding of how the camera and lens can render an image and how production design can influence that image and the story. Through her collaboration with Bryon Evans Films, Shannon has had the chance to work in nearly every film department which has given her a deeper understanding of film making and production. She has a complete understanding of the film making process and is a dedicated crafts person.

Shannon has worked on commercial productions, indie films and fine art projects. She loves conquering complicated challenges and finding effective solutions for the best possible production against the limitations of budget.

To learn more or discuss a project Shannon would love to hear from you. Contact here or follow on Instagram.

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