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Shannon Balazs Production Designer

About Shannon Balazs

Shannon Balazs is a production designer, set decorator, and filmmaker. She is a passionate storyteller and artist who breathes life into every frame of her work.

With a diverse skill set spanning set design, costumes, fine art, fabrication, and beyond, Shannon’s creative canvas knows no bounds. She dives deep, embracing each facet with unwavering dedication.

Production design isn’t merely a backdrop; it’s the silent yet powerful narrator of a story. With an acute sense of how every set piece, every prop, and every costume influences the image and narrative, Shannon transforms mundane spaces into worlds that captivate.

Shannon has lent her creative talent to an eclectic array of productions, ranging from commercials to television and film and across multiple genres. Each project is an opportunity to conquer complex challenges. Shannon thrives on finding ingenious and effective solutions that breathe life into every creative vision.

On set, she’s a source of positivity and enthusiasm. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about elevating the entire experience for everyone involved. Her infectious passion for film making fuels not only her own creativity but also inspires those working alongside her.

As she continues to carve her path in the world of film, Shannon is dedicated to perfecting her creativity in the pursuit and passion for the magic of cinema.

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