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Cast & Credits

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Bryon Evans. PRODUCER: Shannon Balazs, Bryon Evans, CINEMATOGRAPHER: Bryon Evans, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Jason Spencer, PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Shannon Balazs, SOUND DIRECTOR: Steven Zideck, GAFFER: Tyler Bourns, KEY GRIP: Don Gustavson II, COMPOSER: Zack Teran, SOUND MIX: Tom Gordon, EDITING: Bryon Evans, POSTER DESIGN: Chris Holloman
STARING: Aaron Foster, Ryan Tune, William Ramirez, Sabaj Singh, Taylor Adams AND Lincoln Turner.


A man awakens to find himself kidnapped, bound and gagged by a mysterious captor. Over the course of the night he will discover the true meaning of his abductor’s intentions.

Director’s Statement:

Inflatio is a dark thriller fueled by revenge. Heavily influenced by the look of the film “Seven”, it was designed to be an exercise in tension building and audience reaction.

The film features gritty production design, stylish cinematography, sharp acting with tension and emotion, along with an original score and sound design. With an ending that no one can expect, Inflatio does what it was designed to do: Entertain!


“Inflatio was rightfully the winner of Best Horror Comedy Short. This is a very slow burn that culminates into an uproarious ending that this writer cannot divulge.  However, I CAN say that Bryon Evans earned a true fan with his creative approach to juvenile humor.”

“The climax of this short film presents a great twist and is nothing short of hysterical, completely worthy of the award it received.”

Film Trailer

Behind the beans: The making of inflatio FEATURETTE OF HOW THE FILM CAME TO LIFE. RUNTIME: 12 MINS

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