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Inspire Hope "Film Trailer"

Inspire Hope is a documentary film about a shoe donation campaign created to help impoverished children around the world. The film centers around Brian, the founder of non-profit organization Think Kindness, a group of U.S. Students, and the orphans they travel to help in central Kenya. During the groups stay at the orphanage they get to know the children and learn about their stories. They discover stories of abandonment, disease, physical and sexual violence, and complete loss of family. Despite the shocking worlds the children come from, their joy of life and outlook on happiness cause the group to challenge the way they see the world themselves.

Inspire Hope is available on Amazon Prime documentaries.

KORDA Documentary Short Film

Korda is a short documentary about Hungarian born artist Janos Korda. The documentary covers his life as a dancer, sculptor, painter and artist.

ABC ArtAttack – The Art of Bryce Chisholm

ABC ArtAttack – The Art of Bryce Chisholm is a mini-promo shot in documentary style detailing the street art, murals and paintings of artist Bryce Chisholm. Bryce has created hundreds of paintings and dozens of murals around the Northern Nevada area and beyond. You can see more of Bryce’s work at

Land of Beauty "A Journey Through the Republic of Georgia"

Land of Beauty was created as a personal travel diary of a trip I took to Eastern Europe to the country of Georgia while shooting a pilot for a travel TV show. Each day myself and the host would film a “daily diary” and talk about our experiences in country which is what I used to create this travel log. Georgia is an absolutely beautiful country full of extraordinary people that I highly recommend people visit. The video has gotten a bit of viral play in Russia and Georgia with over 13,000 plays and many positive comments from Georgians worldwide.