Bring to life the photography of Bill Germino – Kickstarter Campaign

Here is an interesting Kickstarter campaign that I had the pleasure of creating the pitch video for. The campaign is centered around a Nevada photographer by the name of Bill Germino. Bill was a talented photographer who worked for the Gold Hill News in Virginia City and Nevada Magazine among other publications. Bill’s life had a tragic end but his photography still exists in the form of thousands of negatives. This Kickstarter campaign is an effort to bring to life Bill’s work through a coffee table book and other printed items.

The pitch video was a fun story to tell. I had the opportunity to give it a documentary type style, one of my favorite forms of storytelling. In interviewing Sam Toll (the man behind this campaign) I found the story of Bill Germino to be intriguing. Sam has a lot of passion for preserving these images along with an extensive background in the print industry.

The few images I have seen from working on this piece show some amazing photography of Nevada, California and surrounding areas. I feel that anyone who lives in the region or grew up here would truly enjoy this book, along with anyone that enjoys history, a glimpse into the past and photography in general. I truly hope the campaign gets funded, I would love to see what treasures end up in the book!

Please watch the pitch video to find out what the campaign is all about.

To support the Kickstarter campaign go here: Bill Germino Kickstarter.

To learn more about Bill Germino visit the Germino Archive.



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