Reno Air Races 2012

On September 15th and 16th I had the unique opportunity to shoot this years Reno Air Races. Shooting this event was by far the widest range of photography I have ever experienced. Nikon was present at the event loaning out some of their top notch telephoto lens’s. I prefer to shoot with a zoom vs. a fixed prime for more run & gun shooting options. I opted for the Nikon 200-400mm f4. I slapped this baby on my GH2 with micro/thirds sensor giving me an effective 400-800mm 35mm equivalent. Plus in cam I was able to bump it up 2x for a 1600mm equivalent! I shot my widest shots with an 8mm fisheye, thus covering 16mm-1600mm in this video.

Trying to shoot a jet traveling hundreds of miles an hour gave me far more respect for the event photographers who shoot this kind of stuff all the time. Shooting some of the military planes brought me back to my childhood and the film Top Gun. I couldn’t resist to give this short a Top Gun treatment. Thanks to Pixella Photo for the invite to shoot the event.

All images restricted from commercial use without written concent by the Reno Air Races Association.




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