BVW Jewelers

“Extraordinary, Never Ordinary”

Promotional commercial for BVW Jewelers in Reno, NV. BVW has proudly supported alternative lifestyles and wanted to show their support with an edgy commercial that pushed the boundaries of what traditional jewelry commercials portray. The commercial aired on the big screen in the Galaxy Luxury IMAX theaters during the premiere of Star Wars episode XII and on Ch 2 locally on the Ellen show. The video went viral on social media, was showcased by Ad Week, international publications and has received more than 50,000 views on Facebook and YouTube combined.

Attorney Marilyn York

“Marital Casualties”

Men’s Rights Attorney Marilyn York has always believed in strong, edgy TV advertising. So much so that her commercials got the attention of Comedy Central comedian Daniel Tosh who featured Marilyn on his TV show Tosh.0. In this commercial Marilyn brings to light the negative comments children often overhear their parents say. Click here to view her appearance on Tosh.0

City of Reno

“Neighborhood Advisory Board PSA”

The City of Reno needed a commercial to attract it’s local citizens to attend Neighborhood Advisory Boards and make their voices heard. This commercial was created to showcase the local ‘heroes’ and create a call to action to stand up and voice ideas to city representatives. The commercial aired on local cable and broadcast TV along with a strong social media campaign.

Red Hawk Golf & Resort

“Join Our Family”

Red Hawk Golf is an expansive golf resort in Sparks, NV featuring two stunning 18 hole courses. To showcase the expansive resort we used aerial photography to help show the vast landscape and beauty of this exciting resort location.

Evolution Tattoo

“Timelapse Commercial”

Evolution tattoo has always wanted to  create commercials that are different that stand out from your typical tattoo commercials. We used motion controlled timelapse photography to  create an eye catching, fast paced “day in the life” of the tattoo shop which created a hyper fast, detailed image that pops.

Charter Media

“Long Live Your Business-Reno Aces”

Charter Cable Networks national campaign “Long Live Your Business” showcases the business to business relationships they share with their cable advertisers. Charter commissioned Bryon Evans Films to showcase America’s favorite pastime featuring the Reno Aces. We used slow motion film making techniques to heighten the action and create a visual stunning commercial of national quality.

Rise Nightclub

“More than a club. It’s a culture.”

Rise nightclub needed a promo commercial to celebrate their opening weekend and showcase their celebrity guest DJ Crystal Hefner. Shot over the two day opening weekend this commercial aims to capture the high energy atmosphere the club creates.