Inspire Hope – Official Film Trailer

Bryon Evans Films & Think Kindness present “Inspire Hope” Official Film Trailer A Story of Hope Inspire Hope is a documentary film about a shoe donation campaign created to help impoverished children around the world. The film centers around Brian, the founder of non-profit organization Think Kindness, a group of U.S. Students, and the orphans they travel to help in central Kenya. During the groups stay at the orphanage they get to know the children and learn about their stories. … Read More »

Documenting Hope in Kenya

Kenya was a country I never imagined myself visiting on a continent that seemed light years away. On my traveler “to do” list I had not paid much attention to the idea of traveling to Africa; it just seemed far to big and I knew far too little about it. However, often has been the case that working as a documentary filmmaker I do not get to pick my travels. They pick me. Having recently returned from a two week … Read More »

“Hey Tarantino!” A Tournant Pop-Up Restaurant

“Hey Tarantino!” A Tournant Pop-Up Restaurant from Bryon Evans on Vimeo. Coverage of the Tournant Tarantino themed pop-up restaurant at Sierra Gold Seafood. I’m a huge Tarantino fan so naturally I had a blast with this one. We reenacted more then a few scenes from Tarantino films. The evening dishes included Revenge, $5 dollar milkshake, a Royal with Cheese & more. Photography by Shannon Balazs

Short Film: “Jinx” produced by Storm Front Productions & Bryon Evans Films

Here is a quick short film produced in collaboration with Jason Spencer and Storm Front Productions. “Jinx” was a fun experiment to challenge ourselves and bring a crew of new people together. Thanks to the whole crew for helping with this fun project. Written and Directed by Jason Spencer Director of Photography Bryan Evans Editing & Sound Design Bryon Evans Derek – Jef Derderian Bobby – Cole Johnson Man in Bar – Tim Turner Girl in Bar – Sarah Rodriguez Production … Read More »

Bryon Evans Films featured in Documentary “One Day on Earth”

Got word that footage I submitted to  be featured in the International Documentary “One Day on Earth” has been chosen  AND it made the first trailer! Right at :44 seconds you will see my bear catching a salmon shot! The One Day on Earth film project started on 10-10-10 where footage was shot in every country in  the world in an effort to document what life is like on Earth.  Very happy to be a part of this groundbreaking film!